Rebranding, Web Design, UX is a Danish search and scheduling platform for medical care. I worked with the Klinikker team on the company’s identity, web design and user experience.

The company’s goal was to gain a broad audience of patients and clinic owners. To do so they needed a reliable visual image and well functioning platform.

I started my work with a detailed research within the company and among its users to define the persona and establish the company’s values. That gave me a good starting base and a solid point to come back to during my work.

I created a design system containing visual guidelines of color scheme, icons, symbols and other graphic elements. The main user experience focus was put on the user flow of the search engine, simplicity of signup and accessibility of the platform.



The old logo contained a symbol of horizontally placed spine, as the Klinikker’s starting target group were physical therapists. Once the company grew bigger, Klinikker needed to expand their focus onto other medical professionals. The redesign process ended up with a logo that combines company’s values, vision and mission.

Medical Treatment
Location Search


The company has two user types: clinics and patients. The needs of both had to be addressed differently. When I was entering the project the problem I had to solve was to optimize the website for the clinics. That part was especially important due to the fact that clinic owners were the paying users. I worked on the presentation of the business value of the premium account, optimizing the conversion rate of the page. The final page that I designed, tested and built can be found online.

User Experience

During the project at Klinikker I worked with the following tools to optimize user experience of the website:

  • A/B testing with Optimizely
  • 1-on-1 moderated interviews
  • Field research
  • Google Analytics
  • Screen recording

Booking Flow

Signup A/B Testing

Contact Flow

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